Rental Software Packages

An Introduction to Navigator Systems Rental Packages

Navigator Systems is a leader in the development and support of software for growing and dynamic rental companies

The key products to serve the needs of these companies are the award winning HireTrack Eclipse Production Management System and the RentalDesk NX Equipment Rental System. Each product is tailored to the specific needs and styles of most equipment rental companies.

HireTrack Eclipse

The HireTrack Eclipse Asset Management system is designed for any sized company that takes a holistic approach to their business. Organising all the necessary information for today's productions and events can be a daunting task, to say the least.

HireTrack Eclipse incorporates all the facilities needed to manage your information. The program includes facilities for scheduling labour and managing all your transport needs. It is extremely powerful and flexible in its approach to managing your rental equipment.

To complement the standard program, optional modules are available which include safety testing; equipment managed on behalf of third parties; multiple warehouse operations; and counter sales, as well as many other advanced rental management facilities.

RentalDesk NX

Designed for small business enterprises and startup companies, RentalDesk NX is an extremely powerful tool if you require flexibility in your operations. Typically, small businesses are less departmentalised, and require each employee to do a variety of tasks each day. RentalDesk NX also includes facilities for "walk up" business where a limited number of schedulers are required.

Which Rental Management Software To Choose?

Whilst both packages are extremely powerful, consideration should be given as to which product is best for your business. As with any new software system, implementing it into your business can be challenging and time consuming.

For that reason, if you believe your company is growing at a rate where it will require the power of HireTrack Eclipse within two years, it is best to choose HireTrack Eclipse now to avoid the challenge of implementing another new system in two years.

To help you choose which software system is best for you, view our help page which gives the differences between the two systems.

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