Navigator Systems Ltd

Navigator Systems is a leading company providing software for the entertainment rental industry.

HireTrack Eclipse

Rental Management Software

Our premier rental management software package, HireTrack Eclipse, is used globally by leading rental companies in the entertainment industry.

HireTrack Eclipse has now been superseded by HireTrack NX (new web site due soon).
Please contact Helen for more information.

RentalDesk NX

Equipment Rental Software

RentalDesk NX is for a wide market in the rental industry and is particularly suitable for small to medium sized companies.

HireTAG RFID Tag System

RFID Asset Tracking Tag System

HireTag provides a quick and easy process to check in and check out your equipment by simply carrying or pushing equipment through the HireTag Arch Structure.

About Navigator Systems Ltd

Navigator Systems Ltd was established in 1995. We are a leading company in software development, production and support for the entertainment rental industry.

Latest News

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HireTrack NX released

HireTrack NX has now been released

This brand new version of HireTrack runs on an SQL platform and contains 100's of new features.

RentalDesk NX & HireTrack Eclipse update

Both HireTrack Eclipse and RentalDesk NX have been updated to run on all Windows versions from Windows XP thought to Windows 8.1

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