HireTAG Automatic Equipment Tracking System

The HireTAG system is an integrated RFID solution designed for the events rental industry. It provides a quick and easy mechanism to track practically every item of your equipment when it leaves, or is returned to, the warehouse. As items are walked through the HireTAG Arch, either individually or bundled together in a flight-case, unique radio signals are read by the structure and ultimately processed and recorded by your Rental Management Software.

This revolutionary new system finally joins together the practicalities of working in the real world of the warehouse with the rigours and accuracy of database management systems. The impact on rental operations will be radical and tangible:

What is Special About HireTAG Automatic Equipment Tracking System?

The HireTAG system is made up of two parts:

The HireTAG system – tailor-made solution to your automatic equipment tracking needs

The HireTAG system has been designed from the ground up by engineers who have an intimate knowledge of the rental industry, expertise in radio technology and a first class understanding of product design. It is not simply the assembly of standard, easily obtained components and technologies; it is a tailor made solution for the requirements of a specific industry and in the pages that follow we will attempt to explain why we believe it is the only system guaranteed to work.

Why can't I just use regular off the shelf RFID tags for automatic equipment tracking?

The HireTAG uses a proprietary modified form of a standard RFID tag, which has been specifically designed for use in the production rental industries. In the past, the cost of these tags was prohibitive; however a key component of Navigator Systems plan was to keep the costs in a range that is affordable for most companies.

Although RFID has been available for several years, their use was designed for other industries and were read reliably only 60% to 80% of the time in the adverse circumstances that are common in the production rental industry.

Any equipment containing metal or carbon, such as trussing, speakers and most cable, subjected the tags to conditions that would cancel their signal capacity.

In comparison, the Navigator Systems HireTAG has achieved accurate read rates of up to 99.99% in these difficult conditions. Additionally the Navigator Systems HireTAG cost significantly less than a standard active RFID tag.

HireTag Arch HireTag Arch HireTag Arch HireTag Arch HireTag Arch
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