HireTAG tags

Rather than supplying you with a kit of parts, the HireTAGs are supplied complete, pre-programmed, fully tested and printed with a matching barcode and your company's artwork.

HireTAGs have a virtually unlimited life

HireTag uses a passive RFID chip that derives its power from the incoming radio signal. This means the tags have a virtually unlimited life.

Other types of chip commonly available are active and semi-passive.

Benefits of HireTAGs over traditional RFID tags

Whilst Active RFID tags have a good range, both active and semi-passive are powered by an onboard battery. Our investigations into these tags showed that the temperature changes encountered in real world use in the Entertainment Industry (e.g moving from a warm hall to a cold truck) shortened the battery life of these tags significantly which made them unsuitable for use in this industry.

They are designed to be easily and quickly applied to your equipment whilst making sure that the tags cannot easily be maliciously or accidentally removed.

Each HireTAG houses a passive RFID chip and antenna and a matching barcode label.

HireTAGs structure and means of attachment

The structure, material and means of attachment of the HireTAG to your equipment have been carefully designed for use within the professional lighting, sound, Audio Visual and production equipment rental industries worldwide.

All the labels and chips have the correct degree of protection for their intended use.

Whilst traditional tags are available elsewhere on the internet, including tags which can be printed with barcodes by the end user, we discovered that the delicate foil antenna system of the inlays was easily damaged by scratching, dragging and direct impact. So, whilst the barcode could still be read successfully, the RFID portion failed prematurely.

Accordingly, all HireTAGs are designed specifically for use within these equipment rental industries and offer protection against such problems.

HireTAGs for a wide range of equipment

No one design of HireTAG gives its best performance on every type of equipment, therefore we have developed a range of HireTAGs for use within the industry - for example a 19" rack piece of equipment requires a HireTAG which utilises the smallest surface area, so that the HireTAG can be mounted on the cheeks of a 1u panel, whereas the yoke of a lantern has more surface area available, but requires a low profile HireTAG.

These and similar considerations have been taken into account while designing all of the HireTAG range.

HireTAGs are resin encapsulated to prevent damage

HireTAGs come in several varieties

Navigator Systems have partnered with several companies, all specialists in their fields to develop the HireTAG range, using patented techniques, which offer the best protection possible in this environment.

Even Navigator's most simple HireTAGs, for attaching to non metal surfaces, are resin encapsulated to prevent damage to the chip and antenna caused by scratching and direct impact.

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