HireTAG Software

Diagram of HireTAG Software computer screen

The HireTAG Arch system is controlled by the HireTAG software.

The HireTAG application is responsible for controlling the HireTAG Arch and sending relevant information to the Rental Application. The Rental Application is responsible for processing that data e.g sending equipment out, returning equipment, reporting problems, keeping track of what has been scanned etc.

The HireTAG application displays the information

The Rental Application sends this data to the HireTAG application, which is responsible for displaying this information and responding to user input.

HireTAG Touch Screen Computer visible from ten feet away

The software (HireTAG application) is used on a touch screen computer. Where possible the screen uses a "ten foot experience" user interface – an interface designed to be seen from ten feet away, that can easily be operated via a touch screen.

HireTAG compatible with HireTrack Eclipse

The HireTAG application is currently compatible with HireTrack Eclipse and will be compatible with RentalDesk NX in the future.

The software has been designed to make it possible to interface with third party software vendors.

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