HireSCAN for HireTrack Eclipse

HireSCAN for HireTRACK Eclipse is the first phase of the release of a new generation of HireTRACK rental software tools from Navigator Systems Ltd. HireSCAN is the culmination of over three years of research and development into the RFID technology that has produced the revolutionary HireTAG system. HireSCAN has also resulted in the development offered by WI-FI mobile scanning devices.

HireSCAN Software Solution

HireSCAN is a comprehensive software solution for warehouse operations that involve dispatching, returning, inspecting and tracking of equipment. HireSCAN is able to accommodate data inputs from a wide range of devices and files which it then processes through a new unified scanning engine that is interleaved with the current barcode system used by HireTRACK Eclipse. HireScan also affords the new possibilities offered by RFID and HireTAG.

HireSCAN Warehouse Operations

HireSCAN is designed to radically transform the area of warehouse operations, significantly improving efficiency and reducing workloads with features such as:

HireSCAN – Windows and Handheld:

HireSCAN frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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