The HireTAG Arch

The standard 2 metre by 2 metre HireTAG Arch Structure resembles the metal-detecting systems found at major airports, but it is also available in custom sizes.

Photo of Arch for HireTAG system

The HireTAG Arch is supplied as a complete unit and only requires a mains supply. There is no need for the customer to provide any supporting structures.

HireTAG interfaces with touch-screen computer

The HireTAG Arch Structure has been designed to interface with the supplied touch-screen computers, which are used to control the operations of the system. These functions include reading equipment out of the warehouse or reading the equipment back into the warehouse.

The user simply selects the desired equipment list and then walks through the Arch carrying or pushing the equipment.

The HireTAG Arch reads over 200 HireTAGS per second

Using a typical walking pace of about 3kmph, the HireTAG Arch can read over 200 HireTAGs per second.

The Arch is constructed from an extruded aluminium frame with carbon fibre panels to ensure it is strong enough to withstand conditions in a typical warehouse.

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