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Rental Software Packages for the Entertainment Industry

Navigator Systems released their HireTrack rental management package in 1995 at the PLASA show, where it won the coveted PLASA 1995 Award for Product Excellence. Since then Navigator Systems Hire Track rental packages have been installed at hundreds of sites in over 16 countries and written in five languages.

HireTrack Eclipse

In 1999, Navigator Systems released HireTrack Eclipse, to push back the boundaries of equipment hire software even further and reinforce their lead over the competition.


2002 brought the release of RentalDesk, a low cost package for smaller companies.

Unique Rental Management Packages

Navigator Systems software can boast a unique difference from other packages on the market. The authors, who have an entertainment hire background, are in an ideal position to exercise both experience and expertise. They produce programs that suit the user, rather than taking existing programs and trying to make them work for the entertainments industries.

Most entertainment programs are either conversions from existing DOS packages or extensions to accounts packages. This is where HireTrack Eclipse and RentalDesk score. Their front ends are not tied to the limitations of old fashioned or 'tagged on' unfriendly user interfaces. Information and facilities are logically grouped in a way that most existing windows users will understand.

The programs were written with the useability firmly held in mind - The most common criticism of other packages is that only one or two people in a company can understand the menus and shortcodes.

Our policy is that the software we sell is the software we would want to buy. Navigator Systems are responsive to new suggestions. We automatically release free upgrades of the program as improvements are added, or corrections made. This keeps us the number one rental management software vendor in the market.

Navigator Systems Moves Into Customised Electronics

In 2000 Navigator Systems diversified, using their experience to provide custom electronics and software design for the entertainments industry. Working closely with our customers, Navigator Systems has produced integrated systems including 3D games engines, electronic design and web based databases with remote updating.

Wireless Networking

In 2001 Navigator Systems became involved in wireless networking – from small scale portable systems for entertainment companies, through to the design and support of large scale networks with large numbers of users, covering many square miles.

Navigator Systems In The News

In 2005, Navigator Systems was ten years old. The industry journal celebrated our success, read the article.

Navigator Systems Introduce HireTAG

2009 saw the introduction of the HireTAG system, an integrated RFID solution designed for the events rental industry, providing a quick and easy mechanism to track practically every item of your equipment when it leaves or is returned to the warehouse.

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